• May 31, 2005: Following an obsessive search for Kelly Clarkson, I happen upon the Kelly Clarkson Riddle (If I'd only known what i was in for!?). Walk away? It seems I can't, it keeps me coming back for more no matter what.

• July 14, 2005: My 25th birthday.

• August 21, 2005: I enter the ranking on kellyclarksonriddle.com for "completing" the KCR.

• August 22, 2005: I have an idea...why not make my own riddle?!?

• August 22, 2005:Realizing that I have absolutely no idea how to program...I decide against it!

• March 3rd, 2007: After almost 2 years, I decide it's time I learn how to program, and I set up this site.