To Rob (spjk2k), the creator one of the hardest/best/most obnoxiously addictive online riddles ever (kellyclarksonriddle.com — plug plug plug!): your evil, yet freakishly addictive riddle helped to inspire this one. I only wish that my somewhat lacking riddle-making skills could be a fraction of what yours are. If I achieve even a miniscule amount of what you have accomplished, I will be able to die happy.


To Orio: Thank you so much for your help in learning the basics of HTML!! Oh yeah and also for having an awesome riddle as well...


To everyone else who has either worked along side me, or helped me on any of the riddles I've done so far...Many Many thanks!


Oh yah...last but certainly not least...To Jen, who inspired the layout of the main pages of my website... she has another great riddle to check out (mindfreakconnection.com/riddle)


Level 70 concept and work, credited to Yuval Tor (great job!, just glad i'm not doing the riddle!)