~General Help~


• Basics: An online riddle is not the same as a regular riddle. It incorporates trivia, html knowledge, problem-solving skills and integration, critical thinking and analysis, and more. Some levels require searching for facts, while others call upon you to think outside the box. There's no limits to the torture — uh, fun that can be had with an online riddle. So put your thinking caps on. You'll need them.

• Important points:

- All levels will REQUIRE to begin with the url http://rdavioriddle.50webs.com/ This is the absolute bare minimum needed. That will never change, so don't bother messing with that portion of the URL.

- If there is a Google search bar on the page, then there's a good probability that you will need to use it to find the answer. You may know the information already, but the answer will not be intrinsic within that level. If there is no Google bar, look at the level closely. If I thought you needed it, I would put it there.

- You know what sucks? Losing information. I suggest you keep good records.

- Usernames and passwords (as well as URLs) are case-sensitive. Usernames and passwords will NEVER contain spaces.

• Level progression: This is not a point-and-click riddle. If it were that easy, you'd be done in five minutes. Utilize every available tool to progress to the next level. This can include viewing the source code (all browsers can do this); searching sites; manipulating URL's; anything that you deem necessary to progress.

• Don't get frustrated! Okay, easier said than done. Let me rephrase. Do not give up. There will be times when you are screaming at your monitor, pulling your hair out, and punching holes in the walls. Don't let it deter you. Behind all of this agony is a great sense of accomplishment once you finish. And don't expect to finish overnight! It took me months to finish other online riddles. You can expect the same, unless you are a seasoned riddlemaster, in which case you'll fly through this thing.

• Have fun! Because that's what it's all about.